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Greenhouse Graduates 50×70

An exhibition of Freshpaint’s Independent Artists’ Greenhouse graduates, which is part of a unique collaboration between PAPER COLLECTIVE and TOLLMAN’S DOT, that aims at promoting Israeli art internationally. 

PAPER COLLECTIVE was founded in 2013 in Denmark out of a true love for art, and a desire to make it accessible through a global business platform displaying artists from all over the world. At the studio in Copenhagen, collaborations are formed with artists working in the fields of visual arts, photography, design, illustration, fashion, architecture and more. These collaborations aim to make the art world accessible to the general public in all its aspects, and present a wide variety of artistic creations.

TOLLMAN’s DOT is an Israeli home for international design brands. It is a house full of love and passion for design, and a belief in the magic of great design and its ability to make our lives more beautiful. The desire and vision to support Israeli art and design, and to become a bridge to the international market, has led to the collaboration presented in this exhibition.

Graduates of Freshpaint’s Independent Greenhouse were invited to offer original works in any medium and technique, provided that they are in a uniform format: 50×70 cm. The works presented in this exhibition were those selected from all the submissions. One of the participating artists will be showcased in the new PAPER COLLECTIVE collection: the work (or a series of works) will be offered for sale on the brand’s global platform, in high-quality reproduction, and will be invited to take part in the brand’s collection, which is presented at leading international design exhibitions.

The collaboration in this exhibition demonstrates a natural and meaningful connection between local art, exposure to the international arena, and making contemporary and original Israeli art accessible to a new and wide audience.

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